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Embrace your healing power!

The path of a Reiki Master is a path towards enlightenment. It’s about self-awareness, connection, compassion, meditation, unconditional love, forgiveness, letting go, looking in, and ultimately, healing. Through this process of opening, your current perspective (on everything) naturally changes. You begin to live your life more fully, authentically, and with more presence and peace. Fundamentally, you begin to see life through the lens of love, thereby improving your connection to yourself and others. 

Often, Reiki is a practice that is presented as a way to “heal” others. In reality, Reiki practitioners are not healers; we create and hold space for others to embrace their own healing. Reiki practitioners are conduits of energy at its highest vibration. And to do so, we, ourselves, must make space for such power to come through. This is why Reiki training begins with self-healing, where the focus is to establish a practice of releasing the fear that constrains us. The more we open, the more love we are able to receive. The more love we receive, the more we have to give, and the more powerful we become. Although you will learn techniques for working with others (and intensely in levels II and III), the emphasis, always (but especially in the beginning), is on self-healing.


All courses offered are recognized by the Canadian Reiki Association.

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Reiki Level I Certification happening this weekend _risemindbody
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Congratulations to these inspiring ladies who are now Reiki Level I Practioners!  What a transformat
Congrats ladies! Level II Reiki practitioners in the house! _lizzytish1015 _angiepettyjohn #reikimas
Attuned my first Reiki Master
Congrats ladies! Level II! _rebeccamaeyoga _ga1le_#reiki #reikihealing #reikimaster #risewithlaura #
Level II happening this weekend! So blessed to work with amazing students! #reiki #reikihealing #rei
Level I


COURSE DATES for winter 2023:

Course 1: February 25 & 26

Course 2: April 15 & 16

TIME: 10am - 3pm (Sat. & Sun.) 
LOCATION: Mississauga

In this foundational two-day Reiki course, you will learn Reiki history, mind/body fundamentals, and, of course, Reiki theory & application.

You will receive the Level I Reiki attunement that are designed to build your Reiki practice. In Level I, the focus is on self-healing with the intent to open and expand your perspective. Here we begin to explore Reiki as an everyday philosophy, and instruction will be given on specific ways to incorporate Reiki into your daily life. We will also begin to explore working with and treating others.


What is Reiki?  |  The history and origin of Reiki  |  Reiki principles and pillars  |  The human aura and chakra system
Self-healing Treating others  Treating plants and animals  |   Treating pregnancy, babies, and children Other applications of Reiki  |  1 hour Reiki sessions Information about the Canadian Reiki Association ​


- Reiki Level I Manual 

- ​Reiki Level I Course Certificate


This course is limited to 4 people to ensure high-quality, one-on-one instruction and ample practice time for all.


Level II


COURSE DATES for winter of 2023:

Course 1: February 11 & 12

Course 2: April  1 & 2

TIME: 10 am - 3 pm
LOCATION: Mississauga

In the two-day Level II Reiki class, you will learn the first three Reiki symbols, advanced treatment techniques, and be introduced to the concept of distant/remote healing. You will receive the Level II Reiki attunement and time will be given to practice each lesson accordingly.



A review of Reiki Level I The sacred symbols | Distance/remote healing | Chakra balancing | Scanning and beaming | Aura cleansing and protection | Animals and their chakras | Crystals and Reiki | Manifesting with Reiki | Using colours with Reiki | Basic meridian theory | Canadian Reiki Association membership guidelines and procedures | 1 hour Reiki session



- Reiki Level II Manual (includes an in-depth guide for ailments)  

- Reiki Level II Course Certificate

- A Chakra Crystal Set and Pendulum


​The classroom portion of this course is limited to 4 people to ensure high-quality, one-on-one instruction and ample practice time for all.

Prerequisite: Reiki Level I of any lineage + 20 hrs of Reiki practice



COURSE DATES for winter of 2023:

Course 1: May 27 & 28

Privately scheduled courses available upon request

TIME: 10 am - 3 pm

LOCATION: Mississauga

At the two-day Reiki Master course, you will be given the fourth/Master symbol, Usui/Tibetan symbols, as well as your final Reiki attunement. This is an advanced course that requires quite a commitment to the practice and a commitment to continue to pursue the path towards enlightenment. By the time you arrive to this course, you will have accumulated a wealth of practice and Reiki treatment experience, as well as ongoing mentoring throughout your journey. At this point in the training however, we will break free from the mould and create a practice that is unique and specific to who you are. In the end, your Reiki practice will begin to look different: more natural, less effort, greater effect.


​A review of Level I and II   |  Advanced Healing Techniques  |  Reiki purification process  |  Personal mastery symbol
Dr. Usui’s healing techniques  |  Usui/Tibetan symbols  |  The Hara  |  The Hui Yin  |  The Violet Breath  |  Etheric Cleansing  |  Microcosmic orbit | Reiki healing attunements  |  Canadian Reiki Association membership guidelines and procedures



-Reiki Level III (Master Practitioner) Manual  

-Reiki Level III (Master Practitioner) Course Certificate

-A Crystal Grid Set for manifestation

The classroom portion of this course is limited to 4 people to ensure high-quality, one-on-one instruction and ample practice time for all.

Prerequisite: Reiki Level II of any lineage + 100 hrs of Reiki practice




NEXT COURSE DATE:  Upon request

In the Reiki Master Teacher course, you will learn how to give Reiki attunements, how to organize and instruct Reiki certification courses, and how to be an effective teacher. 

As part of your training, you will be required to take part as a student teacher in one Level I Reiki course, one Level II Reiki course, and one Level III Master (Practitioner) Reiki course under my guidance (as the main instructor) before earning the title of Master/Teacher. 

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and all the necessary instruction on how to become CRA certified as a Reiki Teacher. 



An in depth review of previous course work  | Complete set of teaching notes and agendas  | How to hold a healing meditation  | Numerous healing and energy meditations  | Michael's Sword technique for healing  | How to attune Reiki initiates to all levels of Reiki  | Chakra invocations  | Reiki Master Mantra  | Reiki Ethics  | Review all levels from a teaching perspective  | Practice time on how to attune others to Reiki for all levels  | Canadian Reiki Association membership guidelines and procedures to upgrade designation as Registered Teacher



-Reiki Level Master/Teacher Manual 

-Reiki Level Master/Teacher Course Certificate

-A digital version of all certificates, ready for print for their students

-A digital version of all manuals

The classroom portion of this course is limited to 6 people to ensure high-quality, one-on-one instruction and ample practice time for all. Student/Teacher practicums will be scheduled separately. 

Prerequisite: Reiki Level III Master (Practitioner), Student/Teacher practicums in each of the previous levels 

Investment: $550

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